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Defined Waxing

Custom Brow Shaping

starting at $24

Lip or Nose

starting at $16


starting at $18

Full Face

starting at $60


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starting at $72

Half Leg

starting at $40

Full Leg

starting at $72

Chest or Back 

starting at $65


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Defined Lashes & Brow

Lash Tint

starting at $44 (includes upper & lower)

Lash Lift & Tint

starting at $125

Brow Tint

starting at $32

Brow Henna

starting at $65

Classic Lash Extension Full Set

starting at $200

Classic Lash Fill (2-3 weeks)

starting at $60

Classic Extended Fill (4+ weeks)

starting at $70

New Guest Touch Up Fill

starting at $75

Hybrid Lash Extension Full Set

starting at $225

Volume Lash Extension Full Set

starting at $250

Hybrid Lash Fill (2-3 weeks)

starting at $65

Volume Lash Fill (2-3 weeks)

starting at $75

Hybrid Extended Fill (4+ weeks)

starting at $90

Volume Extended Fill (4 weeks)

starting at $90

Defined Skin

Osmosis Mini Serum Treatment 

30 - 45 Minutes | $95


This treatment is the perfect introduction to Osmosis Skincare! Enjoy a relaxing treatment that includes a cleanse, exfoliate, Revitapen Serum treatment, and mask to enjoy the full benefits of the Osmosis science and skincare products. Tone and wrinkle-correcting boosters will re-establish tone, clarity, and firmness in the skin, and provide a refreshed, nourished look. 

Osmosis Signature Holistic Facial  

45 Minutes | $130

This customizable, signature facial is a perfect way to restore the skin, mind and body. Rooted in Ancient Eastern philosophies and using a 4 point analysis of body temperature, skin appearance, and conditions, stimulating or calming massage techniques are used to direct energy to heal the skin and body. The prescribed treatment improves skin tone and elasticity, restores capillary flow and increased nutrition to the skin, and works in conjunction with the Osmosis Wellness line. Using key, scientifically proven ingredients increases the skin and body's productivity and function, truly healing the skin from the inside out and creating immediate, visible results.

Osmosis Rejuvenate & Protect Facial  

45 Minutes | $150

This seasonal facial is the perfect summer shape up for your skin! Packed with over 17 antioxidants, Vitamin C, and fruit based enzymes this infusion based protocol clears dull, dry winter skin, reduces inflammation, and provides the perfect canvas for summer ready skin.  This treatment includes a cleanse, polish, extractions, facial infusion, serum and moisture/sunscreen finish resulting in a healthy luminous glow! 

Osmosis Ultimate Medi Infusion Facial 

60 Minutes | $195

This medical grade facial blends the benefits of our signature facial with the power of Revitapen micro-channeling to stimulate the skin, all without adding trauma or compromising the health of the skin.  This treatment stimulates circulation, encourages collagen production, provides clarity while normalizing skin tone and reducing hyperpigmentation, and visibly softens fine lines. The results provide an instant glow, followed by long-term rejuvenation and internal skin repair. 

Osmosis Epic ME Facial 

90 Minutes | $230


This cooling facial delivers patented ingredients to effectively calm and reduce irritation, inflammation, and redness. It incorporates Osmosis' most advanced tools and treatments, including a Revitapen Microchanneling Treatment, Signature Facial Infusion, Epic Roller for product penetration, and the new proprietary solid alloy technology of the Osmosis Cool Skin Tool. This luxurious yet effective facial is designed to pamper the skin and reveal an even-toned glow.

Osmosis Facial Infusion Treatment 

30 - 45 Minutes | $145


This first non-acid peel in the skincare industry is the perfect treatment to creates a substantial increase in fibroblast activity as well as significant stimulation in collagen production. Instead of wounding the skin, the 

Facial Infusion gently resurfaces the skin's epidermis by feeding the deeper dermis layer to encourage cellular renewal, making it safe for any skin condition. Through the delivery of calming, antibacterial, and dermal remodeling ingredients, skin is left renewed, refreshed, and uncompromised. The Facial Infusion is gentle yet superiorly powerful and the results are significant!

Revitapen Add-On (to any facial)



Take your facial service to the next level with this non-invasive tool that enhances product absorption to create immediate, visible results with no downtime. The Revitapen uses micro channeling to improve firmness and elasticity, increase hydration and softness, and evens complexion and the reduction of age spots and hyperpigmentation. 


Define Custom Bacial

45 Minutes | $110

That's right - our newest facial combines the benefits of our favorite skin treatments but for your back.  Our custom "bacial" treats your often forgotten area for clearer, more refined skin.  Targeted to cleanse and remove oil and clogged pores, this treatment includes cleansing, exfoliation, and extractions, and is finished by a serum and moisture treatment to leave the skin soft, hydrated, and breakout free. Treat your other side to some love this season! 



Image Custom Facial

60 Minutes | $130

Let our skincare specialists create a truly customized facial based on skin analysis and your personal needs.  Each treatment includes a cleansing and exfoliation that removes dull surface skin followed by a mask and moisture application to bring harmony and balance back to the skin. Relax while enjoying a luxurious hand and arm massage.  Choose from anti-aging, illuminating and purifying, this facial is perfect for all skin types.

Signature Lift Treatment

45 Minutes | $130

Treat your skin to gentle yet effective brightening treatment which utilizes pineapple and papaya enzymes to improve skin elasticity, resulting in visibly firmer, more youthful looking skin. Each session includes skin cleansing, peel, mask and moisture application.

O2 Lift Red Carpet Exclusive

60 Minutes | $160

One of our most hands-on facials, this luxurious and fast acting treatment infuses skin with oxygen, plant derived stem cell peptides and a high concentration of enzymatic botanicals.  Coupled with extensive facial massage, these ingredients leave skin vibrant, refreshed and rejuvenated.  Each treatment includes an O2 lift, a resurfacing mask and extended massage. Treat yourself to this treatment to leave with the perfect red carpet glow! 

O2 Lift Mini Facial

30 Minutes | $85

Short on time but wanting to maintain the results of your O2 Lift Red Carpet Exclusive?  This abbreviated treatment is perfect for you.  Receive the benefits of oxygen infusion with this cleansing, exfoliating and moisturizing treatment which will leave skin radiant. 

Express Facial

45 minutes | $85

Want fast results with the full benefits of a custom facial?  Incorporate this express facial treatment to keep your skin care maintenance in check and keep skin feeling fresh and hydrated.  Includes cleanse, extractions, mask, and facial moisture treatment. 

FarmHouse Fresh Custom Facial

45 Minutes | $130

A truly farm-to-treatment experience, this feel-good facial incorporates 98% ingredients grown and harvested in the State of Texas, USA.  Organic fruits, vegetables, herbs and more are the basis for indulging your skin and your senses in this relaxing and rejuvenating treatment.  You and your skin will leave brighter and more refreshed.

LED Light Therapy Add On Treatments | starting at $15


Take your facial to the next level with our LED light therapies. They can be easily added on to any facial treatment, are free of UV rays, and are safe & efficient. Red light is used to stimulate collagen, making your skin smoother and fuller, which can reduce the appearance of fine lines and wrinkles. Red LED light is also helpful to reduce inflammation while improving circulation, which can give you a healthier glow. Blue LED light therapy, targets the sebaceous glands, which can become overactive, leading to oily skin and acne. In turn, you may see fewer acne breakouts. Blue light can also kill acne-causing bacteria beneath the skin, which can help treat severe acne pimples, including cysts and nodules.


Custom Peel Options 


Choose any of our customizable peels as a stand-alone service or incorporate one into your next Image facial treatment.  

            Image Ormedic Peel - Revitalize dull skin with fruit enzymes and polypeptides

            Image Anti-Aging Peel - Reduce the appearance of fine lines, wrinkles and dullness

            Image Lightening Peel - Lightens dark spots and leaves more luminous, even skin tone

            Image Perfection & Perfection Forte Peel - Our most advanced peel, this concentrated blend of lactic acid, salicylic acid and resorcinol works synergistically to quickly and effectively reduce the appearance of advanced aging, pigmentation and acne. This peel does have downtime and skin will peel for up to 7 days post treatment. 

Lash Lift and Tint | $125


Are you ready for an eye-opening experience?  This alternative to lash extensions will leave your lashes defined, with more curl and color, making your eyes appear more open, lashes longer and more defined, and give that desired POP. Our lash lift and tint service is safe for all, including contact lenses wearers.  

Brow Henna & Custom Brow Shaping |$89


A brow tint or henna treatment is the perfect service for those who have sparse, over plucked brows, light colored brows, or want an alternative to microblading.  Our professional products containing hydrolyzed proteins, vitamin complex and anti-oxidants to help to strengthen and restore hair growth and improves the natural condition of the eyebrow hair. With 7 highly pigmented, luxurious colors, perfect for each skin type and tone, and able to be to mixed to customize any brow color to create true brow magic. 

** please note times are approximate based on level of skin needs and appropriate treatments selected**